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Food Safety Manager Class -Washington, DC


Training Overview

Food Safety Training is very important and plays a crucial role on the success of any food establishment. The Food safety courses are designed to help Managers and food handlers to feel comfortable around food and also to develop a good understanding of the kitchen.

The price include:
– Study Guide with each Chapter Quick Quiz (sent via email).
– ServSafe Practice Test(sent via email).
– Exam Voucher.
– Certified ServSafe instructor Fees

For the SAME DAY Servsafe Certificate, bring your laptop or tablet.*

A food safety manager certificate is mostly for people in charge. Most jurisdictions require a trained food safety manager on duty or in the premise when any food is cook or serve to the public. The food safety manager training is a 8 or 16 hours class depending on your jurisdiction and a certification is issue after successfully complete the course and pass the exam.

*Contact us for more detail at 202-702-6053 or info@pofargroup.com.

Training summary

* Introduction to Food Safety
* Food and Temperature Control
* Purchasing, Receiving, and Storing Food
* Food Safety Management Systems
* Cleaning and Sanitizing
* Safe Facilities and Pest Management
* Forms of Contanimation
* Hazards in the Flow of Food
* Personal Health, Hygiene,Cleaning & Sanitizing.
* Pest Control.


Duration 8 hours
Date TBD
Time 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location Washington, DC
Price $150.00

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